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Personalized Psychotherapy


Just as we are all unique, so too is each course of therapy, which will be tailored to your unique needs and life circumstances. We’ll begin with an  “intake assessment,” in which I’ll learn as much as I can regarding what you wish to shift, what has helped or harmed in the past, and we’ll talk about possible treatment plans, or course of therapy and techniques that might help. 

My approach attends to the past, present and future, all of which are necessary in affecting real change; the past will always inform how we arrive in this moment, and understanding “triggers,” patterns, and historical blocks is essential. We look at the present by directing attention to the current concern or crisis, working with the associated feelings, and attending to the hurt of the moment using what I call therapeutic technology, actual tools such as breathing techniques, mindfulness exercised, bilateral stimulation such as EMDR and cognitive exercises. An improved future requires this past and present centered work as well as collaboration for self-care guidance and direction for future steps.

I specialize in a variety of areas including couples therapy, mindfulness and treating trauma, depression & anxiety.


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